PlatformManager 1.36.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateApr 13, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
Business roles (predefined sets of permissions) are now available also globally (not just on the account level).PFIM-2096
For Offers in Marketplace, it is possible now to upload custom logos.PFIM-3386
When requesting a new partition, users are better guided in filling in the Partition Label field correctly.PFIM-3428
It is possible to define a /wiki/spaces/PM/pages/3831070997 which will deploy multiple routes to a single IM instance.PFIM-3438
It is possible to use any Accelerator step in /wiki/spaces/PM/pages/3829989644. The only condition is that the integration-init step must always be the first step to initialize communication with a Pricefx partition.PFIM-3439
There is a new user friendly UI to define notifications for partition jobs/tasks and integration routes which are triggered by their status. PFIM-3460
When a cluster upgrade is scheduled, the Account Owner gets a notification. PFIM-3470
If you cannot delete a partition directly (e.g. production one), there is a helpdesk ticket for Support created instead. A link to this 'Delete partition request ticket' is shown in the partition detail section.PFIM-3488
It is possible to assign users a new permission which allows them to deploy any package but only in a SNAPSHOT version.PFIM-3534
In the scheduled upgrades section, when an upgrade moves to the past, its  status changes from Requested to Cancelled or from Approved to Completed.PFIM-3541
It is possible to define an approval workflow for partition creation or permissions assignment. When the workflow is triggered (e.g. a user requests a new partition), approvers are notified by an email. All their pending approvals are listed in the My Approvals section in the user account menu where they can approve/reject the request. PFIM-3543
Audit log context message has been extended with information on workflowType, partitionName, number of approvals etc.PFIM-3546
The /wiki/spaces/PM/pages/3830186236 can contain the staticFilter definition that says which definition in the package will be excluded and not deployed to partition.PFIM-3566
User management sections on the account and global levels have been unified. 'Asset role' has been renamed to 'Asset group'.PFIM-3583
Production partitions cannot be deleted directly;  there is a helpdesk ticket created instead.PFIM-3597
When defining a connection to IM, it is possible to use self-signed SSL certificate.PFIM-3609

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
When there are two PP tables with the same name at a partition and one is active and the other inactive (active in the future), data upload uses the active table, even though the inactive table was selected.PFIM-1187
Saving changes in the Edit User form does not redirect you back to the Administration/Users section.PFIM-1368
User Groups have been placed into a separate section in Administration. PFIM-2697
After saving changes to a user profile both the Save and Cancel buttons are still active.PFIM-2922
After you delete a table preference, there is still the Save button visible.PFIM-3220
In Data Upload, when you assign an attribute with long name, the Delete button moves out of the screen and there is no horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.PFIM-3286
In Partitions table, filtering by the Install date column does not work.PFIM-3414
IM Instance Status Update is not properly sent to Salesfx.PFIM-3497
The drop-down for selecting the Source field from a selected Datamart is too narrow to display the full values.PFIM-3514
Creating a partition fails in the Prod environment.PFIM-3526
There is a different value in the Partition Name column in Deployed Templates and Failed Deployments tables. PFIM-3527
Creating a step with create-datasource fails with TypeError in the UI if the step name is something else than "tx-standard-data". PFIM-3528
In Advanced Field Editor, options for Converter Expression are not displayed.PFIM-3554
Partition in 'Creation Requested' state is deleted after the partitionupdate event is processed.PFIM-3555
When the template configuration "WaterfallConfiguration" has SUM fields, they are removed on initial rendering of the waterfall configuration step.PFIM-3559
If a step is optional and it was already deployed, the user cannot decide which type of skip should be performed.PFIM-3560
Permissions side panel does not display all sections properly.PFIM-3578
During Accelerator Package deployment, when you choose to be notified by email about completed data upload and receive the notification email, the link in the email does not take you to the given Accelerator, but to PlatformManager Overview.PFIM-3595
When you import Integration Template with a mapper which has the property convertEmptyStringToNull, it cannot be changed, this property is not visible in the mapper definition.PFIM-3598
Admin user cannot delete a user from an account and there is no message explaining why.PFIM-3610