Price Records Generation from Contract

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When a contract is approved, its line items are automatically converted to Price Records. Every line (not folder) is converted to one Price Record.

The mapping rules are following:

ObjectFieldField of the Price Record
headerID (uniqueName)

Source ID (sourceId)

headerName w/o revision
Source ID w/o revision (sourceIdNoRev)
line(lineId)Line ID (lineId)
-Created (createDate) - autogenerated
-Last Update (lastUpdateDate)
-Status (status)
line(label)Label (label)
-Customer Id (customerId) - autogenerated, will be empty
line(customerGroup)Customer Group (customerGroup)
-Part–Id (sku)
line(productGroup)Product Group (productGroup)
-Priority (priority) - set from header calculation logic
linestartDateValid After (validAfter)
lineendDateExpiry Date (expiryDate)
headerexternalRefExternal Reference (externalRef)

logic elements


i.e. value of the element named "Abc" will be copied to the PR's attribute named "Abc"

user entries


i.e. value entered by the user to the input field (UserEntry) "Abc" will be copied to the PR's attribute named "Abc"