How to Save Logic that Is Evaluated as Erroneous by Syntax Checker

There is a simple way to disable built-in syntax checker for the whole calculation, so you do not need to do it for each element separately. It works only for the save operation. While looking for configuration (selecting a logic), it will never abort any real calculations. 

To set it up, create a new element, put it on the 1st or 2nd position and insert the following code in it:

This feature is not intended and will not work as a workaround for cases when the coding style is bad:

  • If there are real issues (bugs) in your code, of course this does not help.
  • If you have "null" references, it is a better practice to fix it by using "?:"

But, for example, when the code works fine in the Test Drive but it is not possible to save the logic, then you can consider disabling the checker.