Why is the manualResultPrice not changed until the next calculation?


I observed the following PGI behavior connected to manual overrides: when the ManualPriceExpired goes 0>1 during the calculation, the manualResultPrice is not changed until the next calculation... I've checked the source code and I wonder if those two conditions should be in a reverse order?

AbstractPriceGridCalculationTask.java - public void processPGIResult
if(pgi.getManualPriceExpired())    pgi.setManualResultPrice(null); if(expireManualResult && pgi.getManualResultPrice() != null)    pgi.setManualPriceExpired(true);


There was a requirement to do this in two steps so that users have a chance to notice it. If the manual price was just erased, it may confuse users ("why is my manual price gone?").

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