How I can resolve 'too many new instances created: 503" error?


I'm getting an error that says 'too many new instances created: 503". I'm doing a lot of lookups in this logic element so I think this has something to do with it.


503 is the number of instances created. The number comes from the application XML config file:

<formulaEngine>     <script>       <maxInstances>500</maxInstances>       <timeoutInSec>5</timeoutInSec>             <findMaxResults>200</findMaxResults>           </script>   </formulaEngine>

In a shared instance we need to limit the resource usage in a formula. The limit is per script, i.e. formula element, so as a workaround, try to spread out the logic between more elements. 

If you encounter many instances of a Date, you can consider trying these code replacements:

  • api.parseDate(strdate)Date.parse(DATE_FORMAT, strDate)

  • def formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(DATE_FORMAT); formatter.format(date) -> date.format(DATE_FORMAT)

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