How to Get an Email Notification When a Background Job Fails

If you are running a large number of background jobs, for example Data Loads or Calculation Flows, it is useful to be notified of jobs, which failed due to an error or timeout. This functionality is available for all JobStatusTracker jobs and the notification email contains detailed information about the failed job.

  1. Go to Administration > Configuration > Advanced Configuration Options and add the advanced configuration property sendEmailOnJSTFailure and set it to 'true'.
  2. Optionally, you can edit the template for the email message's subject and body. You can find the 'emailSubject_jobFailedNotification' and 'emailBody_jobFailedNotification' templates in Administration > Configuration > Message Templates.
  3. Verify that all the users who wish to receive these notifications have the Receive admin emails option enabled in the User Admin section.

Template editing is available from the 5.0 Collins release.