How to Get Quote's Effective and Expiry Dates using Calculation Logic

To fetch the 'Effective Date' & 'Expiry Date' from the Quote's Header Info using a calculation logic, use:


Also, there is a function to get the TargetDate on the line item (but not for the expiry). You can read it in the pre-phase of the header logic and store it into hidden input of the line items. 

def effectiveDate = quoteProcessor.getQuoteView().targetDate
    for (lineItemMap in quoteProcessor.getQuoteView().lineItems) {
        if (lineItemMap.folder) continue  //skip folders
                                        ["name": "effectiveDate",
                                         "label": "Effective Date",
                                         "type" : InputType.HIDDEN,                        
                                         "required" : false,
                                         "readOnly" : true,
                                        "value": effectiveDate