Create an Internal Copy of Master Data, Price Records, etc. into a Data Source.

You can create a new Data Source from a Template that automatically copies data from the Product Master Table or Price Records into a Data Source. This can help you to build rich Datamarts which you can use in your Charts or analytical Dashboards.


Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Go to Analytics > Data Manager > Data Sources.

  2. Click the Templates tab and select the table you want to use as a Source for the new Data Source. Example: PriceRecord.

  3. In the new template screen, you can change the settings or keep all defaults and click the + Data Source button at the top.


  4. Now the Data Source configuration is ready at the new Data Source screen. You can rename the label or add more fields.

  5. Once done, click Deploy.


  6. Review changes and click Deploy again.


  7. After successful deployment, go to Analytics > Data Manager > Data Loads and find the corresponding Data Load using a filter. For example, Type: Internal Copy, Label: PriceRecord.


  8. Click the label to open the detail and click the Run Data Load button.

  9. There is now a new task in the Job/Task Tracking window. Refresh the table to see it finished with the Status Ready.


  10. Switch to the Target tab. You can see your data now.