Configure Claims

To configure Channel Management, you need to set up several things. This article guides you through the necessary parts to get your first minimal implementation of Channel Management done.

You will do:

Set up user rights

To see the Channel Management at all, you need to have a role Claims or Manage Claims. As a developer, you will need both:

  • Claims - for the end users that should be creating the claims

  • Manage Claims - for users with ability to define Claim Types and work with Claim Records

Create new Claim validation logic

Create and deploy new - i.e., new generic logic with nature claim. For first quick test, you can even keep the logic empty (without any elements).

Prepare XLS file with Claim data rows

Create XLS file:

  • with one sheet

  • The first row has header - column/field names - those names can be used later in the mapping, if you want the values from the column to be mapped to the claim line item field.

  • The subsequent rows are claim rows.

Create new Claim Type

Create a new, provide at least

  • the Name

  • the Label

  • the Validation Formula (logic) - your new logic

  • and some Mapping - at least map some of the XLS sheet columns to the Claim Line Item fields.