Create Company Parameter Table

In this tutorial you will learn, how to add a new company parameter table of type Simple. Simple table has only two fields - Name (which serves as unique key) and Value. and Once created, the table can look in the application page like this:

Let’s say you have following data file and need to create a table suitable for storage of such data. The number in the second column is a percentage value.

Create the new company parameter table

From the toolbar menu, navigate to Company Parameters.

It will lead to a page with list of existing company parameter tables. In the screenshot below, there are no Company Parameter tables yet.

Click on the Add Parameter button to create a new company parameter table.

In the dialog, set up

  • Give the Company Parameter a Name: “MarginAdj”. Enter the name with no spaces. The Name is used in logics to refer to the table, to lookup values in the table. The combination of the Name and Valid After value must be unique across all Company Parameters.

  • Label: “Margin Adjustment”. The label is optional since it is only used for visualization. If no label has been specified, the name will be used as a label by the frontend application.

  • Valid After: “1/1/2021” (or a date prior to today’s date). This date specifies the effective date of the company parameter on price calculations. Consider this value the “Effective Date”. In this example, this company parameter is effective/valid from 1/1/2021.

  • Select the Table Type from the drop-down menu, choose Simple. This selection determines number of columns, and - in case of simple tables - also the data-type of the Name column of newly created table. Tables of simple type only have two columns: one column for the key and the other for the value. The columns in these table types cannot be renamed.

  • Select the Value Type from the drop-down menu, choose Real. This selection determines the data-type of column with Value.

  • Select the Status from the drop-down menu, choose Active. Such table could be looked up during calculations. If you make table inactive then it will "sit" in the system, but you cannot use it for calculations.

  • Select the Format Type: Percent.

Company parameters can have the same Name if they have different Valid After dates. For data lookups during price calculations, the proper "version" of the table will be selected based on the Valid After and calculation date (called Target Date).

Click Add to add this new Company Parameter

Review the new table - when you click on the name of the Company Parameter, it will show the content of the table on the right side.

Fetch the Company Parameter fields metadata to your project

In case you already have your project set up in IntelliJ and also connection to partition set up, fetch the new fields' metadata to your project, so you can store it to Git.

In Studio, open the PfxFetch tool, select the proper project, environment and partition, then click on Pricing parameters (LT). Refresh the list of company parameters (it will reload from the partition) select the newly created table.

Click Fetch to download the meta to your project.