Can header logic modify the expiry date on quote copy?


I have a Quote with the expiry date already in the past and when I create a copy of the Quote, the date changes to "today". The effective date is not copied from the original Quote and in the copy it is also set to "today". So I end up with a Quote which has both effective and expiry dates set to "today" which is not ideal.

Is it possible to have the header logic to set the dates like this: expiry = today + x days?


You can try this:

if (earliestEffectiveDate == null) earliestEffectiveDate = today if (latestExpiryDate == null) latestExpiryDate = today + 90 quoteProcessor.updateField("targetDate", earliestEffectiveDate) quoteProcessor.updateField("expiryDate", latestExpiryDate)

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