How to Export a Price List Containing Result Matrix

When you download a Price List in the XLS format, any column that contains a matrix object will show up in the XLS file as the text "MATRIX", with the matrix data unavailable.

With a special configuration, it is possible to download a Price List with all the matrix object’s data.

Add a new advanced configuration option extraExportColumnsConfig whose value will have the following pattern:
{"PLI":{"rm":["Margin %","Price","Quantity"]}}
where the first key can be PLI or XPLI (depending on for which entity type the configuration is intended) and its value is JSON, where the key is the name of the result matrix and the value is a list of strings which are the column names in the result matrix.

These columns are always appended to the header in an XLS export and the values from the first row of the result matrix are pulled there.

Note that this setting might negatively affect performance of the export.

The configuration can be set up to work with more than one matrix: {"PLI":{"rm":["Margin %","Price","Quantity"],"rm2":[“Part-ID”,"Cost","List Price"]}}
The order of the columns will follow the alphabetical order of matrix names.