Pricefx Trouble Ticket Guideline

The Helpdesk category 'Trouble Ticket' is intended for reporting incidents to Pricefx Customer Support. This reference guides you how to create a Trouble Ticket with needed information, so Pricefx can start triaging the incident without delay caused by lack of details. 

For each ticket fill in the following fields:

SubjectEnter a headline describing the error and the impact.

Users are unable to use the application, resulting in a critical impact on business operations. This condition requires immediate resolution.
Example: the system is down

2 hours response time 24/7
(Production only)

Any high priority request which is time-sensitive and can affect daily business.
Example: critical component is returning an error

4 hours response time
Working days

Important request which requires high attention but does not impact the whole production or all functions.
Example: a bug or unexpected behavior

24 hours response time
Working days

Minor loss of functionality, monitoring issues or typical "how-to" and documentation questions,
administrative tasks.
Example: how to question

72 hours response time
Working days

Detailed DescriptionAdd a detailed description of the issue / problem, including impacted users, symptoms & consequences.
Additional info as relevant (use the module specific information below as a checklist).
Recreation stepsDescribe the steps taken that results in this issue.
ModuleUse the drop-down list in the righthand side pane.
EnvironmentPROD / QA / Staging / DEV
PartitionIndicate the affected partition.
Attach DocumentsScreenshots / Documents / Recordings that illustrate the detailed description
Module specific informationPriceAnalyzerPriceBuilderQuoteConfiguratorPromotionManagerRebateManagerPriceOptimizer
Objects affected and their names / reference
  • Data Feed
  • Data Source
  • Datamart
  • Rollups
  • Simulation
  • Data Analyzer
  • Charts/Graphs
  • Price List
  • Manual Price List
  • Live Price Grid
  • Simulation
  • PL and LPG Types
  • Quotes / Quote Types
  • Mass Update
  • Price Records
  • Workflow
  • Contracts / Contract Types
  • Mass Update
  • Price Records
  • Rebate Types
  • Rebate Agreement(s)
  • Rebate Records
  • Rebate Calculations
  • Payout Records
  • Models
  • Model Logic
  • Policy Record

You can also download this guideline in PDF format. 

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