How can I set format for column in matrix input?


How can I set the format (e.g., money or numeric) for a column in a matrix input?


def ce = api.createConfiguratorEntry(InputType.INPUTMATRIX, "Quantity Breaks") def columns = ["Quantity", "UOM", "No. of Picks", "Price", "Price Unit Amount", "Price Unit UOM", "Cost", "Total Cost", "Discount (%)", "Margin (%)", "Margin", "Line Value", "CalcWay" , "MarginMapping", "userCost"] def types = ["Numeric", "Text", "Numeric", "Numeric", "Numeric", "Text", "Numeric", "Numeric", "Numeric", "Numeric", "Numeric", "Numeric", "Text", "Text", "Text"] def hiddenColumns = ["Total Cost", "CalcWay", "MarginMapping", "userCost"] //translations def labels = [] def userLanguage = api.input("userLanguage") ?: "en" lib.Translation.initializeTranslation(userLanguage) columns.each { labels << lib.Translation.translate(it, "Matrix") } ce.getFirstInput().setLabel("") ce.getFirstInput().addParameterConfigEntry("columns", columns) ce.getFirstInput().addParameterConfigEntry("columnLabels", labels) ce.getFirstInput().getParameterConfig()?.put("readonlyColumns", ["Margin", "Line Value", "Total Cost"]) ce.getFirstInput().getParameterConfig()?.put("hiddenColumns", hiddenColumns) ce.getFirstInput().getParameterConfig()?.put("columnType", types)

The only supported column types are "Text", "Numeric", and "Money".

For multiTierEntry, the only things you can set are "sorting" and validation.

def tiers =  api.multiTierEntry("Desc Validation", "%", "%", "DESC", "VALIDATE") def tiers2 =  api.multiTierEntry("default", "Units", "\$") def val = api.multiTierEntry("ASC NO_VALIDATION", "Price Condition", "Quantity", "ASC", "NO_VALIDATION") return tiers

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