How to enable HighCharts regression lines and Data tab?


I'm building a HighChart and using the code below (found in documentation) to enable regression lines and show a Data tab with the chart. However, the regression line and Data tab are not rendering in Pricefx. Can you verify that the correct modules needed for these functions are available in Pricefx?

Regression line code

regression: true, regressionSettings: [                 type: 'logarithmic',                 color: 'rgba(0,0,0,1)',                 name: 'Regression' ],

Show Data tab code



Regression is not a standard Highchart feature. Some Javascript can be found in the plugins section, but we do not support adding any Javascript code. It would be a security nightmare.

As for showDataTab(), the details can be found in the API Javadoc.

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