Rebate Template Simple Working Example

A simplistic example of a logic for Rebate Templates. This logic creates one agreement with one line.

How to use:

  1. Place the code to a new logic under Administration > Logics > Rebate Template Logics.
    IMPORTANT: Review the first 3 lines and change it according to your system:
    1. conditionTypeName – Must be the name of an existing Condition Type, otherwise it fails.
    2. customerId – Should be an existing customer Id, but from our experience it may also work with a non-existent Id (advisable for testing purposes only).
    3. inputFieldOnConditionType – The name of the input parameter on the line item. It must be the NAME of the input (in case you have the Name different from Label of the input parameter).
  2. Make a new template record under Rebates > Rebate Templates and assign the new logic to it.
  3. Navigate to Rebates > Rebate Agreements and click the Create from Template button.