How do I get data from the Analytics module in the logic?


I have a Datamart named "SalesHistoryDM" with the following columns:

  • Sku

  • CustomerId

  • YearMonth (Time Dimension)

  • Revenue

  • UnitsSold

  • MarginalContributionAbs

  • MarginalContributionPerc

I need to aggregate the Datamart in the logic for a specific product. I need to sum Revenue, UnitsSold, MarginalContribution and count how many customers bought the product per year.


You need to run a Datamart query:

def filters = [ Filter.equal("Sku", sku), ] def dmCtx = api.getDatamartContext() def salesDM = dmCtx.getTable("SalesHistoryDM") def datamartQuery = dmCtx.newQuery(salesDM)"SUM(Revenue)", "revenue")"SUM(UnitsSold)", "unitsSold")"SUM(MarginalContributionAbs)", "marginAbs")"COUNTDISTINCT(CustomerId)", "customersCount")"YearMonthYear", "year") datamartQuery.where(filters) def result = dmCtx.executeQuery(datamartQuery)?.getData()?.collect() ?: []

In the result you will get a list of maps:

[ [ revenue: 123.0, unitsSold: 2, marginAbs: 56.78, customersCount: 2, year: 2017], [ revenue: 456.0, unitsSold: 4, marginAbs: 123.45, customersCount: 3, year: 2018] ]

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