IntegrationManager 1.7.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx IntegrationManager release version.

VersionIntegrationManager 1.7.0
Release dateJun 2, 2021

In this section:

Migration Steps

  • Migrate the property integration.dataload.validator.enabled (added in 1.6.2) to integration.components.validator.enabled
  • Migrate Java to version 11.0.4 (tested on 11.0.11) or higher, otherwise you can get NPE at jdk.compiler/$FlowAnalyzer.visitApply() when building.


New Feature DescriptionID
There is a new converter 'NullToDefault'.PFIMCORE-715
New REST module allows integrators  to dynamically provide REST endpoints. The module is configurable via '' properties. The module also implements Pricefx security.PFIMCORE-757
The 'import' method is now available for PriceAnalyzer usage (instead of loaddata). It is now used for dataloads on QA environments for partitions 7.0+.PFIMCORE-760
Logging of request and response can now be enabled by a logger or a property. See the documentation.PFIMCORE-770
There is a new endpoint for fetching debug states of all Pricefx connections. Also added to http client: 'getDebugStatusForPriceFxConnections()'.PFIMCORE-783
The 'data' field in 'integrateRequest' now also sends /wiki/spaces/IM/pages/3830055001.PFIMCORE-784
The new WebServices module can now store payloads to a directory specified by the 'integration.webservices.payloadBackupDirectory' property.PFIMCORE-786
There is a new /wiki/spaces/IM/pages/3830055001 which is used in custom IMs for validation of properties. This plugin is automatically executed during the compile phase of a custom IM. Source of metadata for validation is extracted from the pricefx-integration module.PFIMCORE-789
pfx-json:marshal now marshals also List (previously only Map was supported).PFIMCORE-798
CSVLint now supports quoteMode and escapeChar.PFIMCORE-799

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
Several critical static-analysis problems were resolved.PFIMCORE-774
Input sanitization in dataloads sanitizes mapper ID and so the dataload is not runnable when the mapper contains characters to be sanitized.PFIMCORE-775
The tests PfxRestComponentSpec fail on the Windows platform.PFIMCORE-792
Single test cannot be executed due to a missing engine.PFIMCORE-796