IntegrationManager 1.5.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx IntegrationManager release version.

VersionIntegrationManager 1.5.0
Release dateApril 7, 2021

In this section:

Migration Steps

None needed.


New Feature DescriptionID
It is possible to define SSL certificate for a connection.PFIMCORE-638
Multilevel mapper has been reworked. It now allows you to map objects on different nesting levels.PFIMCORE-711
IM now returns connection fields in connections / available endpoint sorted by priority defined internally.PFIMCORE-727
New WebService module uses now authentication (as the old webservice module did). Added validation for WsDelete - a filter must be defined. Added option to define publishUrl. Fixed WSDL nested XSD imports.PFIMCORE-731
Google shopping dependency updated to v2.1.PFIMCORE-733
Google shopping API INVENTORY was renamed to LOCALINVENTORY to match the new API definition. Also pfx-google-shopping method :inventory was renamed to :localinventory.PFIMCORE-740
There is a new type 'select' in the connection metadata definition.PFIMCORE-744

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
When a body is set on a route and the pfx-rest:get component is called, the body is populated to the request which causes problems.PFIMCORE-730
PriceFx connection traffic is not visible when debug is enabled.PFIMCORE-732
Date is not properly serialized when sent to PFX via REST API.PFIMCORE-734
Object types PGI and PLI use the wrong endpoints and do not return any data.PFIMCORE-738
Performance bug: there is a problem with the first call (onlyCount) in the batch fetch mode.PFIMCORE-745
There is a heapspace error occurring on relatively small files via Loaddata.PFIMCORE-746