IntegrationManager 1.8.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx IntegrationManager release version.

VersionIntegrationManager 1.8.0
Release dateJul 1, 2021

In this section:

Migration Steps

  • If you used pfx-api:truncate?filterDto=xxx, you must now use pfx-api:truncate?filter=xxx. This is standard behavior for all other methods.


New Feature DescriptionID
There is a new parameter "maxResponseSizeInMB" in the pfx-rest component: it defines maximum size of a response in MB. After reaching the limit an exception will be thrown.
If the default value (0) is set, there is no check of the response size.
There is a new fetchIterator method for simplifying the fetch batch mode.PFIMCORE-664
There is a new adapter from Pricefx connection to Basic connection which allows using Pricefx connection in pfx-rest calls.
An adapter from Pricefx connection to JWT connection can be added upon request.
Provisioned development: Groovy classes can now be loaded from IM repository to a singleton bean and are available for Camel and Spring processing.PFIMCORE-800
Provisioned development: IM can now use S3 bucket as repository storage.PFIMCORE-804
Validation exception is now enriched with error/warning objects.PFIMCORE-806
IM HTTP client now allows setting a connection pool in a builder. Dependencies to match PlatformManager have been updated.PFIMCORE-810
Provisioned development: There is available a dockerized IDE for development against running instance.PFIMCORE-811
Route start/stop events are sent to ELK index 'messages'.PFIMCORE-812
There is a new field in the stats_api index of ELK: connection_name.PFIMCORE-819

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID

When fetching attributes from backend and using the resultFields attributes, you get incorrectly all attributes; the resultFields parameter is ignored.

After fixing this issue, the new behavior is: if there are resultFields attributes defined in both places (route and filter), attributes from the filter have higher priority and overwrite values from the route.

File stream is not closed in pfx-validator.PFIMCORE-807
It is not possible to send more than 255 chars in a row.PFIMCORE-814