IntegrationManager 2.3.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx IntegrationManager release version.

Release dateNov 22, 2021

In this section:

Migration Steps

None needed.


New Feature DescriptionID
A new SFTP component has been created to allow easier use of SFTP connection to connect to a SFTP server.PFIMCORE-826
audit-log for provisioned instances communication has been implemented. What is audited are the user actions on an instance (deploy, undeploy, restart, update IM, ...). Audited data are now logged to fs.PFIMCORE-864
Gitlab user management has been updated; Gitlab client has been added.PFIMCORE-865
There is a new component 'Components library' which fetches common beans/processors to IM. To enable it, set the property integration.component.library.enabled=true.PFIMCORE-884
'gitlabRepositoryUrl' has been added to the registration event.PFIMCORE-897
Connections repository is now encoded in Gitlab.PFIMCORE-900
Sizing options for provisioned instances have been revisited and finetuned.  A new option 'storage' has been added.PFIMCORE-913
There is now an API on im-git-server to provide default sizing values for instance creation; the method 'instanceDefaultValues' has been added to httpClient.PFIMCORE-914
REST API exposed on IM which propagates auth to Pricefx is now correctly cached.PFIMCORE-915

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
sortBy is not inherited and it lacks the expression functionality (simple, groovy, constant).PFIMCORE-909
An error from data upload is not displayed in the history of data upload.PFIMCORE-911
IM uses a wrong encoding to unmarshal a file.PFIMCORE-916
The component pfx-api:import does not work for Pricefx in AWS.PFIMCORE-921