IntegrationManager 1.6.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx IntegrationManager release version.

VersionIntegrationManager 1.6.0
Release dateMay 5, 2021

In this section:

Migration Steps

None needed.


New Feature DescriptionID
There is a new CSV validation module. CSV validation uses a schema to validate the CSV file. This functionality can be called using the pfx-validator:csv component.PFIMCORE-609
General Mapper can now get metadata from user defined XML/XSD/JSON or URL. System configurations now support XPath for dynamic configuration.PFIMCORE-640
It is now possible to use languages (simple, constant or groovy) in the <transformer> tag.PFIMCORE-741
Archetype has now a preconfigured config server (you just need to provide password via the command line). Also for the profile 'local', the config server has been disabled to speed up the startup.PFIMCORE-743
Multilevel mapper can now map an item in array to an object (e.g. to_Description.results[0].Product -> label).PFIMCORE-749
Mapper includeUnmappedProperties will no longer have precedence over defined mappings.PFIMCORE-751
pfx-api:addProducts was implemented.PFIMCORE-763
Prometheus can now run on a separate port without security. For details see the documentation.PFIMCORE-764

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
IM reuses connections which were removed on the Apache server during scheduled updates and returns NoHttpResponseException.PFIMCORE-728
It is not possible to execute formula/calculation logic with an empty body.PFIMCORE-735
pfx-rest logs are logged in INFO level which is too verbose.PFIMCORE-756
Maven archetype did not specify profiles for connecting Jenkins CI.PFIMCORE-758
getAssignedCustomers does not use typedId in full format but only id.PFIMCORE-762
Dataload errors while deploying the structures (mapper, connection, route) are not propagated back to the kafka topic.PFIMCORE-765
Mappers (routes, connections, filters, certs) with special characters in their names (id) cannot be stored to the file system.PFIMCORE-768
Dataload request fails when there is a special char in the name of the route/mapper/connection.PFIMCORE-769