Bijou 7.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx major release version.

VersionBijou 7.0
Build Id (UI)254527
Build Id (SRV)254539
Release dateApr 25, 2021

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Supported Browsers

Pricefx can run in the following browsers:

  • Chrome 86+ (Windows/MacOS/Linux/ChromeOS)
  • Firefox 78+ (Windows/MacOS/Linux)
  • Safari 14+ (MacOs)
  • MS Edge 86+ (Windows)

For best results we recommend setting your browser zoom to 100%. With a different zoom setting, you might experience issues with displaying some parts of the page content.

Other Supported Components

  • Java used for the server
    • OpenJDK 11
  • Groovy used at the server
    • Version 2.4.21
  • Highcharts and Highmaps used in charts/dashboards
    • Version 8.1.0
  • Excel Client, used with Pricefx, has the following requirements:
    • MS Office 2013 or higher on Windows
      Versions down to MS Office 2007 are expected to work as well but Pricefx does not fix issues related solely to these older versions.
    • .NET Framework 4.5 or higher (due to increased security requirements)
  • The 1904 date system is not supported by Pricefx when uploading data from Microsoft Excel.

Supported Languages

To see in which languages the application UI is available, visit Localization


New Feature DescriptionID
A link to the Unity UI is now displayed in the Classic UI (a banner at the top of the page and an item in the User menu). It can be switched on/off in General Settings but the link is no longer configurable – it always points to the Unity version of the current partition.PFUN-8497

A DM Refresh can be run in two different modes:

  • Incremental mode - Only the DS data modified or added since the last DM refresh is loaded in the DM.
  • Non-incremental mode - All the source data is (re-)loaded in the DM. When the DM is already populated, a non-incremental refresh usually results in a costly merge of mostly the same data from the DSs into the DM. To prevent this, the DM is truncated first, resulting in a much faster load. But if a DM Truncate is performed before the DM Refresh, the DM can be without data for quite a long time (until the DM is fully populated again).

The new solution here is to do the Truncate and Refresh in one and the same DB transaction, and let this be driven by the DL's incremental mode setting. To avoid disruptions in existing projects (even though it is strongly recommended that it should always be possible to rebuild a DM from its source data, there could be e.g. a PA Calculation DL that enriches the DM data once loaded and this DL may stop working after the full (non-incremental) DM refresh), the new non-incremental DM Refresh behavior is enabled only when a partition level 'truncateDatamartOnNonIncRefresh' feature flag is set.

datamart.importfile now supports importing numbers written in scientific notation in CSV. Supported formats are 1e02, 1E02, 1e+02, 1E+02, 6e-04, 6E-04.PFCD-7454
For new partitions, the default password complexity rules are now stricter: the initial default setting is that a password must be at least 6 characters long and must contain at least one number and one upper case character.PFCD-7486
Email templates have been changed: all texts have been moved to a separate file, so that they can be localized easier. The previous templates keep on working.PFCD-7494
The heartbeat service deletes now finished jobs after a configurable delay (default is one day) and before deleting, it checks that the job has finished.PFCD-7548
InputBuilderFactory has a new method for creating buttons createButtonEntry(String paramName).PFCD-7611

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
When trying to delete a Rebate Record, there is an error.PFCD-7556
String passed into Datamart query "order by" clauses has "Desc" removed from the end.PFCD-7582
api.setPricegridCalculationOutput() raises an error when the value supplied is null or empty.PFCD-7621


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