Vesper 6.3.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx patch release version.

VersionVesper 6.3.0
Build Id (UI)185765
Build Id (SRV)185777
Release dateFeb 28, 2021

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Supported Browsers

Pricefx can run in the following browsers:

  • Chrome 86+ (Windows/MacOS/Linux/ChromeOS)
  • Firefox 78+ (Windows/MacOS/Linux)
  • Safari 14+ (MacOs)
  • MS Edge 86+ (Windows)

For best results we recommend setting your browser zoom to 100%. With a different zoom setting, you might experience issues with displaying some parts of the page content.

Other Supported Components

  • Java used for the server
    • OpenJDK 11
  • Highcharts and Highmaps used in charts/dashboards
    • Version 8.1.0
  • Excel Client, used with Pricefx, has the following requirements:
    • MS Office 2013 or higher on Windows
      Versions down to MS Office 2007 are expected to work as well but Pricefx does not fix issues related solely to these older versions.
    • .NET Framework 4.5 or higher (due to increased security requirements)
  • The 1904 date system is not supported by Pricefx when uploading data from Microsoft Excel.

Supported Languages

To see in which languages the application UI is available, visit Localization

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
When you go to Administration > Events > ToDo Admin and click the Target Page dropdown, a value for the "priceShop_title" key is missing. It is missing also in Internationalization.PFCD-7374
In RebateManager, Rebate Type disappears from the Overview section after adding a new rebate line item.PFCD-7415
The DCR column 'Approval Reason' is not displayed in Excel Client.PFCD-7575
createProductGroupEntry() misses a way to return ProductGroup object.PFCD-7581
There is an XSS issue in Dashboards when you use InputMatrixWithHTML with a JS injection.PFCD-7590
There is an XSS issue in Quotes when you use a product with a logic that contains HTML with JS injection.PFCD-7592
LPG fails when using distributed mode if redisCodec is Kryo5 (default in 6.0 Vesper) and the logic creates a ChartBuilderResult instance (ChartBuilder API).

Empty overridable fields cannot be overridden in Excel Client for LPGs and price lists.PFCD-7606


Are you looking for Pricefx Unity UI release notes? Click /wiki/spaces/UDEV/pages/509542446.