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Table of Contents

Calculation Logic Architecture


This flow shows how different logics are executed from the Quote perspective:



Review execution flows diagrams of how and when the Quote logics are executed:

Syntax Check

This dry run is used to discover inputs in the line item. Most of other API calls are mocked. Be aware that the syntax check dry run is executed only once when a new line item is added.


  • Configurator Logic

    • The logic is executed after clicking the Open button of Configurator.

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      After clicking the Save button of a popup Configurator, a new configurator value is saved to the Quote object. (Quote object is what you get by calling quoteProcessor.getQuoteView().) But you cannot work with the values until the quote is recalculated. Why? All the logic knows is the old quote object since all other calculation logics finished before the configurator logic was executed. You must click the Recalculate button or set automatic recalculation; to learn more see how to recalculate a quote automatically.

  • Template Logic

    • The logic is executed after clicking the download PDF button.

    • From the template logic the whole quote object is accessible through api.getCurrentItem().