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There's a method Object option(String entryName, List<Object> options, Map<String,Object> labels) which allows you to set values' labels in the drop-down. To set these labels when adding the drop-down in a quote header logic, use the following examples.

This is a header-level drop-down with simple options (just the list of values):

Code Block
def endCustomerList = [

quoteProcessor.addOrUpdateInput("ROOT", ["name" : "RequestorendCustomer",
	"label" 			: "RequestorEnd Customer",
	"type" 				: InputType.OPTIONSOPTION,
	"valueOptions" 		: endCustomerList,

Now you need to split names and labels. To do so, put the labels into the field "parameterConfig" as a sub-map with the name "labels":If you want to add labels, you need to assign a map with key "labels" to a field "parameterConfig". The "labels" will contain your map with key-value pairs, where key is the name of the option and value is the label.

Code Block
def labelsmapWithLabels = [ "customer1" "A": "First Customer", "customer2" : "LabelSecond ACustomer", "Bcustomer3" : "LabelThird BCustomer" ]

quoteProcessor.addOrUpdateInput("ROOT", ["name" : "FreightTermsendCustomer",
	"label" 			: "FreightEnd TermsCustomer",
	"type" 				: InputType.OPTION,
	"valueOptions" 		: optionsendCustomerList,
	"parameterConfig"	: [
		"labels": labelsmapWithLabels